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With mode of asset-light and format of cross-border integrated logistics and supply chain trading service, the company has undergone the whole process of reform and opening up of the industry, including foreign-owned companies occupying main market, lots of private companies coming into existence and the gradual transition and exit of state-owned enterprises. As a central enterprises holding company with dedicated management personnel, it persists in enhancing its rallying power, competitiveness and sustainable development capability and in striving to be leader in modern cross-border logistics in mainland China and performs the social responsibility in competition and market as mainland China enterprise by constantly promoting its network size and industry status in foreign-led industry reshuffle wave.

In the process of growth and expansion, by effective communication with stockholders, the management personnel maintain and carry out scientific outlook of development in practice as value preservation and increasing and sustainable development, dedicate to long-term development of brand building, and keep integrity and comply with rules, which helps to enhance the level of our country’s modern cross-border logistics industry.

The company views talent as the primary productive force for modern enterprises, employing talents all over the world and providing them a harmonious and opening up environment where their wisdom can be given to full play. The company’s innovative view of enterprise talent plays an important role in the consolidation and development of the enterprise. Moreover, it helps to ameliorate the situation of management talent shortage.

Having a strict staff development system and mechanism with great compatibility, the company pays much attention to amelioration of their development environment and conditions to ensure their vital interests and carry out people-centered concept. During the global financial crisis of 2008 when most enterprises of this industry encountered survival crisis, the company made a solemn promise of not making cutbacks, which made the staff recognized that their company was their most warm and powerful guarantee and which also reflected the company was really responsible for staff, family and society.

Being market-oriented, based on customer requirements, with a long-term operation principle of Safety, Accuracy, Speediness and Low Cost and carrier’s market strategy, the company constantly enriches the service products and perfects the global one-stop service level in order to meet the requirements of customers. And its idea of creating values for carriers and customers has been strongly approved by its staff.

Redounding upon society corresponds to the morals and mainstream thinking of the enterprise and its management personnel. The company has tried its best to denote money to for the establishment of People’s Heroes Monument Of the Bund standing by the bank of Huangpu river, fix long-term support to improve the livelihood of poor rural towns and villages and raise fund for life and construction in disaster area. During Shanghai World Expo, we organized 560 staff to participate in social public security attendance for free.

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