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A successful enterprise is the success of a team of managerial talents.

We insist on our people-oriented HR developing strategy. We allow and encourage management to exercise regional developing strategies with entrepreneur vision and pursuit in compliant with group strategic goal. We inspire people with culture emphasizing  on business results, empower people with managerial reinvention, recruit people by increasing and improving business, cultivate people by "Openness, collaboration, sharing and performance", motivate people with sophisticated platform and good incentives, and train people by "Passion & productiveness, managerial reinvention, outstanding business and healthy and law-abiding." We have continuously recruited and trained superior managerial talents from the industry to ensure the realization the goal of team building and group strategies—"ethics first while emphasizing on profit" and to promote continuous development.

 Base on what to achieve for our long term goal, we will keep on the culture by knowing and using our talents well, promoting the talents equal opportunities, and valuing and rewarding the talent properly. In order to protect and promote the implementation of the strategic goal, we will attract excellent managerial talents from all aspects of the society and build up a team of talents to fit in our first class logistic company.

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